Avatar and Kellam's A Support Conversation
Kellam: Eh? A slice of crowberry pie? What's this doing here?
Avatar: It's for you, Kellam.
Kellam: Avatar! Y-you saw me!
Avatar: The trick is to squint and look sideways. I've been working on it here and there.
Avatar: Anyway, you're always so helpful to everyone else, I wanted to return the favor.
Kellam: ...Thanks.
Avatar: Not at all. It's the least I can do.
Kellam: Gosh, you really are good to me, Avatar.
Kellam: I know I said I don't do it for thanks, but it IS nice to hear...especially from you.
Kellam: ...Well, guess I'll be going now.
Avatar: What in the... How did he DO that?! He just vanished!
Kellam: Er, I'm right over here. Straightening up these axes.
Avatar: ...Oh, right. Of course. I knew that.
Avatar: It's just that you gave this enigmatic smile, turned to the left and then...disappeared!
Avatar: Almost as if you'd achieved enlightenment and transcended this mortal plane!
Kellam: ...That's some imagination you have.
Avatar: Ha ha. Yes, well...perhaps I've read a few too many morality plays as of late.
Avatar: In any case, forget the axes for now--everyone is waiting to see you.
Kellam: Me? ...But why?
Avatar: They all want to apologize for making such a fuss about the supposed hauntings.
Kellam: ...Oh, um, I don't know. That sounds like an awful lot of attention...
Avatar: Sometimes, Kellam, we all have to stand up and be noticed.
Kellam: All right. But if I'm feeling shy, I might have to transcend to a higher plane again.
Avatar: Ah-HA! I KNEW IT!
Kellam: That was a joke! A joke? ...Ha ha ha?
Kellam: ...Avatar? Why are you backing away from me like that...?
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Avatar Awakening Fire Emblem Kellam Support Conversation
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