Henry and Sumia's A Support Conversation
Henry: H-Henry! Wh-What's happening? What have you done to me?!
Sumia: Isn't it obvious? You're me and I'm you! Clever curse, eh?
Sumia: Whoa! Careful with my vocal chords there!
Sumia: Besides, you're the one who wanted to cast spells, right?
Henry: This is NOT what I had in mind!
Sumia: Well, you're about as magic as an old sock, so this was the only way.
Sumia: And while you cast some hexes, I'm going to ride your pegasus all over camp!
Sumia: Woo-hoo! I'm gonna swoop down on people and drop stuff on their heads!
Henry: B-but, wh-what if you fall off?! You might hurt me!
Sumia: Pfft! You fall on your face 10 times a day! This body is made of rubber.
Henry: Okay, but what about YOUR body? It seems pretty flimsy, to be honest.
Henry: What if I trip into a ditch and snap these little chicken legs of yours?
Sumia: Well, if you're THAT worried about it, I guess we can switch back...
Henry: I think that would be for the best. I'm sorry to disappoint you.
Sumia: Hey, no worries! This bodice is kind of freaking me out anyway.
Sumia: Okay, here goes...
Henry: ...There. All better.
Sumia: That was...weird.
Henry: You didn't get to spin any dark magic though. Aren't you disappointed?
Sumia: No. It was a bad idea in the first place. What if I'd curse you by mistake?
Sumia: What if I'd turn your guts into pudding or whatever it is you dark mages do?
Henry: That would've been awesome! But still, I'm glad you're worried about me.
Sumia: You're a good friend, Henry. Of course I'm worried.
Henry: Aw, thanks, Sumia. Next time I'll make sure to look out for you.
Sumia: We're not going to switch bodies again, are we?
Henry: Of course we are! I haven't had a chance to ride your pegasus yet!
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Awakening Fire Emblem Henry Sumia Support Conversation
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