Lon'qu and Nowi's A Support conversation
Nowi: Here you are, dear husband! I've made your supper.
Lon'qu: Munch, munch, munch. Chew. Swallow.
Lon'qu: Blech! This food is terrible!
Nowi: Eek! Dad's angry!
Lon'qu: Of course I am! How do you expect me to eat this pig swill?!
Nowi: It's all we can afford on your pathetic salary!
Nowi: Maybe you should pull your thumb out and start providing for this family!
Nowi: That's it! You're sleeping in the stables tonight!
Lon'qu: Very well. I shall attempt to earn more.
Lon'qu: ......
Nowi: ......
Nowi: Lon'qu! You're doing it wrong! You're supposed to argue back!
Lon'qu: Are you sure this is the correct way to play house?
Lon'qu: It seems to me we should be doing things other than arguing all the time.
Nowi: Nope! This is totally the right way to play.
Nowi: Remember when I told you I didn't know what families actually do at home?
Nowi: Well, I went into town and spied on one of the families who live there.
Lon'qu: And this is how they acted?
Nowi: Yep! All the time!
Nowi: This game is totally based on reality!
Lon'qu: Do you think it's possible that the family you observed was not...typical?
Nowi: I dunno. Maybe. So what should a typical family do then?
Lon'qu: How should I know?
Nowi: Well, if you don't know, then why can't we just play it my way?
Nowi: I'm going back to the game now. So, er, where was I? Oh, right...
Nowi: You're a lousy provider, husband! Oh, why didn't I marry the blacksmith?!
Lon'qu: *Sigh*
Nowi: Come on, put some effort into it! It's a boring argument if you just sit and sigh.
Lon'qu: I don't like this family you invented!
Lon'qu: Here, I have an idea. Why don't you go to town and spy on a few more families?
Lon'qu: Then we can compare them all and choose our favorite family to copy.
Nowi: I guess I could do that...But only if you come with me!
Lon'qu: If it stops you from berating me, I shall do as you ask.
Nowi: Yay! I bet no one's better at sneaking around people's houses than you!
Lon'qu: ...What is that supposed to mean?
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Awakening Fire Emblem Lon'qu Nowi Support Conversation
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